Weeping Yaupon Holly

Ilex vomitoria 'pendula'


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Profile for the Weeping Yaupon Holly

Type of Plant: Weeping cultivar of yaupon holly with pendant branches similar to those of the Weeping Willow. Typically erect when young, but become more spreading with age and are excellent as specimen.
Habitat: Hammocks, swamps, floodplains, dunes.
Distribution: Zones 7 to 10.
Landscape Use: Excellent as an accent or specimen plant.
Wildlife Benefit: Berries provide food for wildlife.
Soil: Wet to dry, readily adapt to alkaline conditions.
Light: Shade to part sun.
Water: Soil should be kept moist, but well drained.
Misc: Produces bright red berries that persist into late winter.  Salt tolerant.


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