Walter's Viburnum

Viburnum obovatum


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Profile for the Walter's Viburnum

Type of Plant: A small, neat semi-evergreen to deciduous, densely vegetated tree or large shrub.  Produces individually small white flowers in a delicately showy, flat-topped cluster in spring.  Grows 6-30 feet tall with a 6-12ft spread.
Habitat: Coastal and calcareous hammocks, floodplain woodlands, and riverbanks.
Distribution: South Carolina, south throughout Florida, west to Alabama. Zones 6-9.
Landscape Use: Serves well as a large, unpruned, natural screen, but may be sheared to produce a more compact hedge. Excellent for difficult areas such as parking lots, road and powerline rights-of-way and highway medians.
Wildlife Benefit: Its dense foliage and summer fruit provide excellent nesting, cover, and food for a variety of birds and wildlife.
Soil: Moist to wet, sandy, acid fertile soil.
Light: Shade to sun.
Water: Moist to wet.
Misc: AmericaAn excellent screening plant when planted along the edges of naturalistic landscape.


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