Sunshine Mimosa

Mimosa strigillosa


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Profile for the Sunshine Mimosa

Type of Plant: Native, evergreen, perennial low-growing groundcover.  Have woody stems below with herbaceous, hairy, non-prickly stems above. Produces pinkish to lavender, inch diameter, globular heads that bloom spring through fall.  Usual height: 3-9 inches with a mat covering spread.  Prostrate habit will cover many square feet.
Habitat: Occasionally in open, wet, usually disturbed sites
Distribution: Georgia to the northern and central Florida peninsula and west to central panhandle of Florida. Zones: 8A to 10B.
Landscape Use: Mimosa is an excellent, lovely, low-growing groundcover. Useful as an interesting and drought-tolerant substitute for traditional lawn grass. No maintenance required, but may be mowed to 4 inches, preferably when not in bloom. May be used on slopes for erosion control. Although it thrives in moist, sunny areas, it will also grow in rather dry sandy areas. The only drawback: in formal or small gardens, the creeping stems may be difficult to keep within bounds.
Wildlife Benefit: The pink powderpuff or "pom-pom" blooms are quite striking and may attract butterflies and bees.
Soil: Well-drained or moist-wet, wide pH range. Sandy to organic.
Light: Full sun best to partial sun.
Water: Average to moist sites. Drought tolerant once established.
Misc: For a solid mass groundcover, it is recommended that Mimosa be placed 18" OC.


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