Vaccinium arboreum



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Profile for the Sparkleberry

Type of Plant: An erect, deciduous shrub or small tree with glossy green leaves, profuse spring flowers and summer fruit, a sometimes twisted trunk with reddish to mottled, scaly bark, an irregular, open crown of crooked branches, and beautiful red to purple fall leaves.  Spring flowers are small, white, bell-shaped and borne in profusion in showy, elongated clusters.
Habitat: Acidic to calcareous woodlands and sandy clearing
Distribution: Virginia, southward to central peninsular Florida, and west to Texas and Kansas.
Landscape Use: Favored as a profusely flowering specimen tree for sunny or semi sunny areas. Also works well as a background shrub and in the mixed understory of naturalistic landscapes.
Wildlife Benefit: Shiny black fruit is eaten by wildlife.
Soil: Prefers moist, acid, sandy soils, but adapts to a much wider range of soil types than do the other members of the genus.
Light: Full sun to filtered shade. Perhaps prefers shade under natural conditions, but flowers profusely in sunny locations.
Water: Prefers moist, well-drained conditions.
Misc: Attractive fall color.


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