Ilex glabra




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Profile for the Gallberry

Type of Plant: An erect, evergreen, mostly multi-stemmed, colony-forming shrub with an irregular, mostly informal form.  Produces white, showy small flowers and shiny black berries.  Grows to a height of 3-7 feet tall and a spread of 2-4 feet.
Habitat: Swamps, flatwoods, bayheads, and wet areas.
Distribution: Massachusetts, south nearly throughout Florida, and west to Mississippi. Zones 5-10.
Landscape Use: Typically used as a foundation or screening plant or as a component in naturalistic landscapes. Can be pruned to maintain a compact form.
Wildlife Benefit: Shiny black fruit is showy and useful to wildlife. Flowers attract bees. Excellent for wet acidic sites.
Soil: Excellent for moist to wet, acid soil, with pH 4.5-7.0. Tolerant of low soil oxygen.
Light: Full sun to shade.
Water: Keep soil moist.
Misc: Moderately salt tolerant.


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