Florida Privet

Forestiera segregata


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Profile for the Florida Privet

Type of Plant: A large, erect, densely foliated shrub or small multi-branched tree. Grows to a height of 4-15 feet tall with a 3-12 foot spread.  Bark is a pale gray and leaves are small, green, and shiny.  Produces small, yellowish-green flowers in spring and black, olive-like fruit that dangle from stalks along the branches.
Habitat: Coastal woodlands.
Distribution: Extreme southeastern Georgia, coastal South Carolina, south throughout much of coastal peninsular Florida and West Indies. Zones 8-11.
Landscape Use: Good for hedges and screening patios and outside sitting areas. Excellent for slope erosion control and shorelines.
Wildlife Benefit: Has edible fruit, which are a superb food source for songbirds.
Soil: Moist, sandy loam. But will adapt to a variety of soil and moisture situation.
Light: Light shade to sun.
Water: Moist to dry conditions.
Misc: Drought and salt tolerant.


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