Dahoon Holly

Ilex cassine



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Profile for the Dahoon Holly

Type of Plant: Evergreen, oval or pyramid shaped tree, densely foliated, grows to about 30 feet tall.  Produces tiny white flower clusters in spring and females produce bright red berries in late fall and winter.
Habitat: Streams, swamps, bogs, ponds, and flatwoods depressions.
Distribution: Coastal Virginia to Louisiana, throughout Florida and the Bahamas, Zones 7-11.
Landscape Use: Specimen, street tree, medium-sized, erect growing tree that makes it suitable for small spaces.
Wildlife Benefit: Berries are an excellent food source for many wildlife, and are a favorite with birds.
Soil: Acidic to slightly alkaline.
Light: Part shade to full sun, plants stay shorter in full sun.
Water: Prefers damp sites, moderate drought tolerance, will grow on dry sites with supplemental irrigation.
Misc: Female trees bear bright red berries that make a colorful display in fall and winter. To ensure a good fruit set, a male tree should be planted nearby. All Holly berries are poisonous to humans.  Salt tolerant.


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